Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019 
    Jul 15, 2019  
Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019

Tuition and Fees

2018-2019 Tuition, Fees, Room and Board





Flat rate between 12 to 16 credits

$15,023 per semester


$30,046 annually

Less than 12 credits or Greater than 16 credits

$1,002 per credit




Undergraduate (Entered prior to Fall 2013)

$1,002 per credit

Adult Degree Completion Discount

$660 per credit

Adult Degree Completion Nursing

$762 per credit




Blended Summer - MSMC Student

$762 per credit

Blended Online RN to BS in Nursing

$660 per credit


West Point/Stewart Base, Reduced Rate & Online Courses

$250 per credit

Military On-Campus Adult Program: Undergraduate & Graduate

$575 per credit

25% Contract Discount

$640 per credit

Employer Partnership Discount $640 per credit


$803 per credit

Graduate 25% Discount (Alumni, Contracts, Student Teaching Schools, Employer Partnership) $603 per credit



General Fee: Full-time Student

$536 per semester

General Fee: Part-time Student/ Nontraditional

$86 per semester

New Student Fee


Laundry Fee

$37 per semester

Application Fee


Returned Check


Drop Fee

$10 per drop

Late Payment Fee


Early Move In Fee $50 per day



Regular room

$4,376 per semester

Single room

$4,888 per semester


$3,178 per semester

Room & Board, Regular Room

$7,554.00 per semester

Room & Board, Single Room

$8,066  per semester


MILITARY ROOM AND BOARD (Including $500 per semester in Flex Dollars)


Per Month (5 monthly installments per semester)


Per Semester


Per Summer





Active Students



Inactive Students




first copy mailed home



five copies to same address



10 copies to same address





Application Fee (non-refundable)



Evaluation Fee, credit

25% of tuition

Nursing and Physical Therapy Students

In addition to the fees paid by all students, students in the nursing and medical technology programs must pay the approximate fees listed below. The means and cost of transportation to and from clinical agencies is the responsibility of each student.

Uniforms and Equipment



(approximate for nursing)


Transportation to field agencies


CPR Certification Fee


Annual Health Exam


(MSMC Health Services: provides Physical and PPD for nursing)

Nominal Fee

Nursing Proficiency Exams for RNs and LPNs



Per Written Exam

Between $80.00 and $90.00


Per Clinical Exam

Between $160.00 and $205.00

Physical Therapy


New York Medical College









Telecommunication Fee



NYMC Health Insurance



Books and Supplies






Housing (12 months, Includes 200.00 deposit)











Tuition Rates for 5 year BA/MSE students

Students enrolled in 5 year Master and Bachelors Education programs will be billed per credit. Undergraduate courses will be billed at the undergraduate tuition rate and graduate courses will be billed at the graduate tuition rate. Effective 2016.


Payment of Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees are due one week before the semester or session begins. Checks should be made payable to Mount Saint Mary College. MasterCard, Visa and Discover are accepted. Credit card and Echeck payments may be made online through the MSMC Web Module.

For students who prefer to pay tuition and expenses on a monthly basis, the college offers a payment plan. Please contact the Student Accounts Office (845-569-3700) for an application or additional information.

A late payment fee will be assessed if the student account balance is not satisfied by the due date. Students will not be allowed to register for classes, receive their diploma or an official transcript with an outstanding balance. A late registration fee will be charged to all returning students who register on or after the first day of the semester or session. Past due accounts are subject to collection costs.

Books and supplies may be purchased at the Campus Store. The estimated expenses per year for books and supplies is $1,000; estimated expenses per year for personal costs (spending money, laundry and incidental needs) is $1,000; estimated costs per year for commuter transportation is $1,500. Students planning to live off-campus should allow approximately $5,400 per year for rental and $1,800 per year for food.


Housing Deposits

Students in residence at the college renew their room reservations annually before February 28 by making a deposit of $300.

Deposits are not refundable but will be credited only to room and board charges.

Newly admitted students are encouraged to make their deposits before April 15 or within a month of acceptance if the acceptance date is after April 15. Deposits are refundable if notice not to attend Mount Saint Mary College is received by the Director of Admissions on or before May 1.


Dorm Damage Deposit (effective Fall 2016)

First time resident students are required to pay a $100 residence hall damage deposit.  This deposit provides security that the terms and conditions of the housing agreement will be fulfilled and the unit will be returned to its original condition when the student moves of his/her space.

The deposit is not a damage fund where intermittent damage charges are deducted during the course of the student’s residency; however, damage charges will be taken from the deposit at the end of the final year of residency.  Any damage charges incurred are assessed to the student’s account until the end of residency.

Portion ($100) of the first housing deposit will be held for dorm damage, remainder will be applied to the student account.


Refund of Tuition and Fees

The college must make financial commitments to faculty, staff, and suppliers on an annual basis. For this reason, refunds will be made only as follows:


Withdrawal from the College

In the event of withdrawal from the college, the student must give written notification to the Registrar. The date of withdrawal will be determined by the date recorded in the Registrar’s Office. Withdrawal before the first day of class will result in a 100% refund of institutional charges, which consist of tuition, mandatory fees, room and board. All refunds are subject to a $50 administrative fee.

If a student withdraws

*institutional charges returned


Before/within 1st week of class

100% refund


Within 2nd week of class

60% refund


Within 3rd week of class

30% refund


After 3rd week of class

No refund

*Institutional charges include any tuition, mandatory fees; room and board. All withdrawals are subject to a $10-per-course administrative fee. Resident students leaving college housing will be prorated as detailed above with no refund on room charges after the third week of class.


Dropped Courses

Withdrawal from a course is the student’s responsibility. The student must drop the course by contacting the Registrar’s Office in writing or online through the MSMC Web Module (print a copy). A student who fails to attend class before the end of the add/drop period may be withdrawn at the professor’s discretion.

If a student remains registered but drops a course in a traditional schedule during the first week of classes, all charges will be dropped. Thereafter, refunds will be made as follows:

If the student withdraws during

the refund will be


Week 1



Week 2



Week 3



After week 3




If a student withdraws

**institutional charges returned


Before/within 1st week of class



Within 2nd week of class



After the 2nd week of class


Note: Accelerated/Evening classes that run 12 or more weeks follow the traditional refund schedule.

Whether withdrawing entirely from the college or from individual courses, the student must give written notification to the Registrar’s Office. The date of withdrawal will be determined by the date received in the Registrar’s Office. Percentage Refund Dates are listed in the Academic Calendar.

Withdrawal from housing will be determined by the date that the student completes the check-out process, which includes returning all room and mailbox keys to the Residence Life Department.

**Institutional charges include any tuition and mandatory fees. All withdrawals are subject to a $10-per-course administrative fee.

Any student who drops below 12 credits (full-time status) will risk losing full-time financial aid and have the award adjusted accordingly. Residential students are required to be full time students. Residents must be granted permission by the Residence Life Department to remain in housing with less than 12 credits.