Undergraduate Catalog 2014-2015 
    Mar 24, 2019  
Undergraduate Catalog 2014-2015 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Hegis Code 2205


History is the study of human life recreated from the tracks our ancestors have left behind. The study of history in today’s world equips students with analytical skills and research techniques of great practical value in both educational and career settings. The program is designed both to acquaint students with different ages, societies and cultures, and to develop their strengths in writing and thinking.

In organizing the curriculum, care has been taken to provide students with a broad general knowledge of history and to provide a firm foundation for graduate school or careers in business, government service, law and teaching. Practice and theory are linked through internships in historical societies and at historical sites.

Program Requirements for History Major

Students who major in history must complete a minimum of 30 credits, but not more than 40 credits, in the discipline. Six credits in Political Science may be used as part of the 30-credit minimum. The remaining credits should be distributed over three areas: American, European, and Non-Western or Area Studies. At least 18 of the 30 credits must be taken in courses numbered 3000 or 4000.

Students majoring in history must maintain an average of “C” or better in completing the requirements of the major.

The history general education requirement is met by those history courses numbered 1000. The prerequisite for courses at the 3000 or 4000 level is a minimum of 3 credits in History or Political Science.